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IT Policies

Other systemwide IT policies and guidelines, plus links to campus sites

IT Policy Glossary (pdf)

For staff access to IT Contract Information - UC’s Data Security Appendix (DS) and Business Associate Agreement (BAA) is available on the UC Systemwide Legal Documents & Policies page.

Information Technology Policy Coordinators

 Location Coordinator
Agriculture and Natural Resources Jaki Hsieh Wojan
Berkeley  Julie Goldstein
Davis Cheryl Washington
Davis Medical Center Nicholas Borton
Irvine Josh Drummond
Irvine Medical Center Gabriel Gracia
Lawrence Berkeley Lab Jay Kraus
Los Angeles Kent Wada
Los Angeles Medical Center Leon Chen
Merced Jackson Muhirwe
Office of the President Robert Smith
Riverside Dewight Kramer
Riverside School of Medicine Daphne Zamora
San Diego Michael Corn
San Diego Medical Center Ken Wottge
San Francisco  Patrick Phelan
San Francisco Medical Center  Patrick Phelan
Santa Barbara Becky Steiger
Santa Cruz Cecilia Carrillo

 For systemwide IT policy questions, contact Monte Ratzlaff at the Office of the President.

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