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Disposal of Institutional Information

The disposal of Institutional Information requires special care to ensure that unauthorized parties do not gain access to data and that data is not unintentionally released. UC’s Institutional Information Disposal Standard sets guidelines for all Workforce Members who must, at some time during their careers at UC, dispose of Institutional Information.

Workforce Members should note a few details regarding Institutional Information Disposal:

  • The disposal of Institutional Information can involve data stored in multiple ways and in various forms.
  • Institutional Information classified at Protection Level 3 or higher requires special care to make sure that it is irretrievable.
  • Occasionally, records holds or other conditions might require that Institutional Information be held longer than standard procedure dictates.

UC has implemented other policies and standards regarding privacy and information security. This standard complements (and should be interpreted consistently with) all other relevant policies and standards. For information about cybersecurity resources near you, visit Location Information Security Resources.

To read the full standard, please click on the link below.

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