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Data Privacy

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January-February 2019

In honor and support of International Data Privacy Day (January 28) and Data Privacy Month (Jan 28-Feb 28)

Events (view online):

  • Data Privacy Day 2019 – Live event from LinkedIn in San Francisco, available online on January 28, 2019.
  • EDUCAUSE Live! Artificial Intelligence in Education: Legal Considerations and Ethical Questions on January 29, 2019 from 10am-11am. Click here to register.

Article: Data Privacy and You
All of us exist in digital form on the Internet. It is important to ensure that the digital “you” matches what you intend to share. It is also important to keep what’s private, private, for yourself and when you’re sharing about others. Owning your online presence will help to protect your identity, finances, and reputation – both now and in the future! [More... See the full article]

Article: "I have nothing to hide. Why should I care about privacy?"
Three reasons for the university community to care about privacy.
By Lisa Ho and Kenneth Goldberg, UC Berkeley. Feb 2017

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Poster: Do you know where your information is?

Do you know where your information is?

Poster: Personal information is like money. Value it. Protect it. and Share with care.

Protect your personal information.
Share with care.

Poster: Once you share it online, you can't take it back. Keep your private info private. Check your privacy settings regularly. Never share your password.

Protect Your Privacy
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Poster: Keep your private information private. Own your online presence..

Own your online presence

Videos :



  • “TERMS AND CONDITIONS MAY APPLY”: UC locations interested in holding a screening of this documentary can email Kamika Hughes, to arrange to check out a licensed screening copy of the DVD. Please provide ample advance notice for all requests!

    (Also available on Netflix and Amazon Prime for individual viewing.)

  • “NOTHING TO HIDE - The documentary about surveillance and you”: (approx 1 1/2 hrs)

Social Media Posts: 
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 Image: Are you airing your dirty laundry?

Could you be sharing more than you think? Review your privacy settings this Data Privacy Day (January 28). #PrivacyAware

 Image: Privacy is good business

Privacy is everyone's business. If you collect it, protect it. #PrivacyAware





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