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Location Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs)

Each Location has appointed a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) or Information Security Officer (ISO).

The CISO is responsible for security functions throughout a Location, including assisting in the interpretation and application of this policy. The CISO has many other responsibilities, including approving exceptions, helping Units manage cyber risk, approving Risk Treatment Plans and participating in a Location’s cyber risk governance.


Table listing the CISO for each Location.
 Location CISO
Agriculture and Natural Resources Jaki Hsieh Wojan
Berkeley  Allison Henry
Davis Cheryl Washington
Davis Medical Center Nicholas Borton
Irvine Josh Drummond
Irvine Medical Center Gabriel Gracia
Jim Davis
Los Angeles Medical Center Edgar Tijerino
Elizabeth Ruszczyk
Lawrence Berkeley Lab Jay Krous
Los Angeles David Shaw
Office of the President April Sather
Merced Jackson Muhirwe
Riverside Dewight Kramer
Riverside School of Medicine
Matthew Summerville
San Diego Michael Corn
San Diego Medical Center Scott Currie
San Francisco  Patrick Phelan
San Francisco Medical Center  Patrick Phelan
Santa Barbara Emilio Valente
Santa Cruz Brian Hall
Systemwide Security Office
Jay Panchal


Systemwide Privacy Official

  • Noelle Vidal

Information Technology Security Committee (ITSC)

The ITSC consists of the the CISO from each Location, the systemwide privacy official (a voting member) and the supporting members listed next.

Information Technology Leadership Council (ITLC) Liaison

  • Josh Bright, CIO, UC Santa Barbara

Ex officio members and staff:

  • UCOP Information Technology Services: Matt Linzer, Information Security Manager
  • UCOP Information Technology Services: Monte Ratzlaff, C3 Program Manager
  • UCOP Information Technology Services: Robert Smith, Systemwide IT Policy Director
  • UCOP Ethics, Compliance & Audit Services: Greg Loge, Systemwide Cybersecurity Audit Director
  • UCOP Financial Management: Thomas Trappler, Associate Director, IT Strategic Sourcing

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