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As the person responsible for security functions throughout a Location, you play a critical role in the overall management and protection of Institutional Information and IT Resources. You should be familiar with requirements for each role and ensure security by creating guidelines and monitoring compliance. A summary of your duties is below.

  1. Establish. You establish requirements and procedures to protect data and resources. You ensure that requirements are in place and clearly defined so that Workforce Members follow best practices. CISOs establish requirements for review processes, exception procedures, and a variety of other actions, such as disposal, encryption, and logging practices.
  2. Approve. You approve procedures, methods, and requests involving the management of cybersecurity procedures. You use your expertise to ensure that best practices are being followed at your Location.
  3. Communicate. You communicate about a variety of actions and topics in the process of managing cybersecurity at UC. You receive reports, document processes, and communicate issues to the appropriate role or office.
  4. LeadYou lead the process of cybersecurity risk management for your Location. You work with the Cyber-risk Responsible Executive (CRE) and Lead Location Authority (LLA), ensuring that, together, you understand risk, prioritize programs, and make necessary modifications.

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